New File Management System You’ve Never Heard About

This software package has been developed in the course of complete computerization of the companies using it. This software is developed to manage the files that are maintained by the company. The different categories, different kinds and different levels at which the files are maintained. The file can be passed on to other employees after the file is commented/checked/approved etc to another employee. The file can be opened, closed or reopened according to the requirement.

The software also provides the security so as to stop the unauthorized utilization of the software. The administrator is the person who can assign the authority of different files to the users in different departments. The charge on some files can be given to some user for a particular time. The Reports generate help in finding the status of the file in very less time. The comments given by different authorities on the file can be fetched with in no time.

The package is developed to solve the manual file management system. The file management helps in timely report to take proper decisions. The main objectives of the software are as follows

  • The proper control over the files being maintained in the organization
  • Avoid unauthorized tampering of the files this is done by giving the rights to the users for particular files
  • Reports are generated in may ways to help to know the status of the file and the urgency of the file
  • Reports of the pending files, reopened files and their details can be generated

Main Features

  • The file can be given authorization to particular user and the other can not have the access to the file
  • The file can be forwarded to next user for further procedure on the file
  • The status of file and the comments of all the users on the file can be seen in a report format by the authorized person
  • The administrator has the right to give ort take away the right of the users/employees on the files
  • Charge of files can be given to some employee for a particular period of time
  • Reports of all the files can be seen at the same time
  • Reports of some category, different state , different department or different user can be generated.

Inputs To The Package

  • Different categories of files the abbreviations used are defined
  • Authorized user of the files write comments by opening the file
  • The administrator with the proper write can reopen or close a particular file
  • Files can be attached with document

Outputs From The Package (Reports)

  • Pending file, the comments by different users on the files and the status of the file can be generated
  • The report of the file for a particular period of time an the comments on it
  • Report of the Duration for which the file is with a particular employee this helps the management to take proper action regarding the file
  • Report of all the opened, close and reopened file with the details
  • File status report to check the status of the file and the Comments given by the employees on the file