Food Diary Software, Exercise Diary, Medical Diary

This is an article about one feature of the software.

Dear Friend,

Diabetics can really use this software. I am the programmer of the software. I have diabetes, and stabilized my own diabetes with this software.

Got off insulin because of this software, and lost 25 pounds in two months all because of this food diary software. This diary is excellent for diabetics.

Below is summary screen. Full nutrient information for 140 nutrients is shown on reports, and other screens. This is just a quick glance summary screen.

It tracks all your foods, exercise and medical with moods. In short, everything you need to stabilize your sugar levels. Get back into shape, and lose weight.

You can create custom mood, custom medications. Soon, within days, after starting to use this diary software, you will see connections between your highs, lows, difficult symptoms, good feelings, your foods and medications.

These connections cannot really be made without using a diary software. This is because guessing at it doesn’t work well. You need to log everything in the software. Then you will have clear view of you health, sugar levels and everything else.

This is a personal promise. Use this food diary for a month, your diabetes will get better.

Getting off insulin, is getting a big part of life back. I suggest you give this diabetics food diary a good try.

Diabetics need to use a food diary. It is important. If you do not take care your diabetes, and watch your diet, you can get many illnesses. Even blindness. Therefore, read a book on how to stabilize diabetes, and use a software like our food diary to make the right choice in your diet, exercise and medicine.

This diary is good for both type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes can be completely stabilized, and even cured, in some cases, when you lose weight. Even losing 15 or 20 pounds, doctors say, help a lot to even sugar levels out.

You need to watch the carbohydrates that you eat, and sugars that you consume. You need to exercise moderately at least 3-4 times a week. Give your body the present of an exercise and some good foods.

We abuse our bodies with massive quantities of ugly, bad, processed, sugary, fatty foods for years. Our bodies took a lot of abuse.

Take sometime to give your body something to be happy about. Some good foods, and some exercise. Your diabetes will resolve itself, and your entire health will get better.

Losing just a few pounds you will start to see changes. I went from being on around 140-180 sugar with insulin. To 89 sugar level with just two pills, one in the morning and one at night. No more insulin! Hurray! I wish you healing and to get completely cured from diabetes.