Flash development takes an important place in our offshore software development company. It’s mainly because Flash has become one of the most used content presentation tool in many industries, causing demand to increase. Its use extends to the fields of advertising, web applications, multimedia presentations, and enterprise applications. It has proven its ability in simplifying complex […]


The recent trend in a competitive software development is outsourcing.  This means that another company is hired to do the task of software development.  In most cases, outsourcing is done overseas depending on various factors that affect production and revenues. Software development is essential in a computer functionality so it is approached with adherence to high […]

Future mCommerce trends in 2020

When Apple Pay was launched in October 2014, that’s when m-commerce had come of age. The Apple Pay was part of the iPhone 6’s innovations, with brought together point of sale (POS) transaction processing with Near Field Communication (NFC) technologies. Essentially, it was with the iPhone 6 generation that a mobile user could touch his […]

Getting Indexed: The First Step to Ranking in Googles SERPS

Knowledge isn’t power. The use of knowledge is power. And this piece of SEO know-how has definitely got some potential to it. Every wondered what exactly Google’s search guidelines were? Wonder no more. A copy of the latest 125 page guidelines from May 2019 have been discovered on Google Docs. While much of the information […]